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Girls Aloud’s SPANKIN’ new VIDEO!

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of course, the new Girls Aloud vidoe for their newest single “The Promise” out on October 27. 



Sugababes – “Girls” video

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OneRepublic – Mercy (Official Video)

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Well, here’s the video for OneRepublic’s newest UK single “MERCY” out on September 2008.

review will be out on the week of its release.

P!nk – So What

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Almost every artist that we haven’t heard for more than 2 years are having a comeback and yes, P!nk is one of them. After her 2006 album “Im Not Dead”, P!nk is back with another hit-song titled “SO WHAT”. The song had an impressive debut in Australia reaching number 1 in iTunes after just 8 minutes of release. 

The single is something under the POP / ROCK category. It has an infectious melody and sound busting vocals with a scorching hot lyrics. “So What, I’m A ROCKSTAR, I’ve got my ROCK MOVES”. In my honest opinion, it’s one of the best songs done by Pink and I know that it will have an international success prior to her upcoming performance at the 2008 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS on September 7.

Pink’s uniquely infectious vocal style is really eminent throughout the song. The song is completely packaged with angst, attitude and catchy music/lyrics. With her career status on the prowl, she definitely has a good comeback that’ll probably earn her more respect as a singer with an angst that you can’t just resist.

Here’s the video:

RELEASE: August 15, 2008 (US), September 15, 2008 (UK)

RATING: 3.5/5



do you like Pink’s new song? have your say.

Is RIHANNA the ultimate HIT-MAKER?

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Rihanna has really come a long way since her debut in 2005 with “PON DE REPLAY”. She emerged from the unknown status into one of the most recognised female singers of the decade. With her song book producing just a massive amount of hits year after year, Rihanna is definitely on the right track to be one of the pioneers of today’s music industry.

Rihanna’s current single “DISTURBIA” is starting to make airwaves throughout the world. Her single hits the top 20 of the Irish and British singles charts even if her label isn’t making the song an official single for UK and Ireland. Quite impressive eh? With the infectious “BUM BUM BEE DUM BUM BUM BEE DUM BUM” chant, this making Rihanna as one of the 3 artists to release 8 singles in one album the other being Shanaia Twain and Janet Jackson. 

Disturbia is currently at #3 at the US Singles charts with “Take A Bow” still behind at #4. The string array of singles released by Rihanna 3 have made it into the #1 of music charts in the US, UK and Australia. 

Rihanna is just a hit maker. She always manages to give us with powerful, infectious anthems that made our music players bump into the repeat mode. But can Rihanna keep her powerful status quo or she will eventually take a bow from giving us impenetrable and chart-breaking hits? Only time can tell.

The video of “DISTURBIA” is quite disturbing BUT hot! The video features Rihanna into a very dark and gothic video. The video is said to be the darkest video Rihanna had ever done. Compared to UMBRELLA, TAKE A BOW, DON’T STOP THE MUSIC etc, This one is a HOT, HOT sure fire HIT.

Here’s the video:

RATING: 4.5/5

RELEASED: June 17, 2008 (US), TBA (UK)


1. Disturbia

will DISTURBIA continue to crack the UK charts? Is this the proper single of Rihanna instead of the rumoured “REHAB”? have your say.


James Morrison’s New Music

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British pop/soul singer, James Morrison announces the release of his new single titled “You Make It Real” which will be available for download starting mid of September 2008. The track is from his upcoming second album titled “Songs For You, Truths For Me” LP which will also be released in September 2008. 

The track is produced by Grammy Award winner Mark Taylor and is co-written by James and Paul Barry.

Here’s the band performance of the song:


so what do u think of his new single? email me for the mp3 rip of the song. 🙂

reviews will be released on the release week of the song.

video courtesy of YouTube