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Britney Spears – Womanizer

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Okay, we all thought that this song will be premiering on Monday but all of a sudden it was announced that it was pushed back for a week. Of course, with the help of today’s technology looks like Britney can’t wait for a week so her brand new single “WOMANIZER” leaked early Sunday. 

Womanizer, is another sign that Britney is getting back on the right track. Her much anticipated album “Circus” isn’t out until December so while we’re waiting, this electro-pop is indeed a heart thumping dance anthem that will surely find its way onto dancefloors ASAP. Even though when I first heard it, it kinda reminds me of Rihanna’s 2006 hit “S.O.S”. Anyways, Womanizer is worth the wait for this “RECOVERING” former “TROUBLED” popstar. She’s back with vengeance but not as a bad-ass bitch when she premiered her comeback song last year “Gimme More”. 

To sum it up, Britney’s song is quite as impressing as she is when she sang “Gimme More” in front of the MTV VMA audience last year that made her a public icon of humility. Well, Britney is still Britney and she’s on her way onto the top of the charts. Oops! She did it AGAIN for the nth time!

Of course, if you haven’t heard the song yet try to go to YouTube and find the LQ rips or even HQ rips if there is any. 

RATING: 4.5/5




James Morrison – You Make It Real

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Last August 10, 2008 I posted the news that James Morrison is releasing a single off from his sophomore album titled “Songs For You, Truths For Me”. His single “You Make It Real” is going to be released September 22, 2008.

“You Make It Real” is still a proof that James is still in his element. Strings, soulful vocals and of course, appreciative lyrics. It isn’t quite a bad song but not the same as the ones he did in the past like “You Give Me Something” and “Wonderful World”. It’s a husky, squeaky clean ballad that reminds every guy how wonderful to have a girlfriend or somesort. The disappointment of the song is that it lacks the big chorus that just storms every radio station and the girls fall in love with.  But still, let’s wait for his sophomore album when it hit stores a week after the release of Morrison’s 6th single.

Nonetheless, James is still in his distinct element that made us fall in love with his first releases. For some, it still maybe just some sleepy stuff that you want to hear to make you sleep. But he ain’t going to sell like 2 million albums if all of the buyers want is some sleepy shit. 

RELEASED: September 22, 2008




International edition
01. You Make It Real
02. Sitting On A Platform
Released on September 22, 2008

Enhanced edition
01. You Make It Real
02. Sitting On A Platform
03. Movin’ On
04. You Make It Real (live @ Air Studios)
05. You Make It Real (music video)

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Christina is just keeps on gettin’ better

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For those who watched the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards last September 7, 2008, you may notice that Christina’s new song is just addictive as it may seem to be. Well, she gave an astonishing performance on last Sunday’s VMA’s with her spankin’ brand new song titled “KEEPS GETTIN’ BETTER”. The song was actually her first single off from her much anticipated GREATEST HITS album to be released sometime in 2009. 

KEEPS GETTIN’ BETTER is a sign that Christina is back on track and will just keep getting better into giving her fans and us the music that we want to hear. The track is produced by Linda Perry and is a sassy-electro pop song with an infectious chorus is another sure-fire hit for Christina. The only problem is it may not be a #1 song kinda tune that we have heard from in the past. 

The song also has some serious catchy lyrics with her singing “Sometimes, I’m a super BITCH” which is really funny when you first hear it but trust me, this song is a proof that Christina’s comeback will be fabulous and much awaited with aplomb. 

If you haven’t heard it yet, the song was leaked last September 5 and was available for download on iTunes in Australia and Canada yesterday, September 9. The song will be released on US mainstream radio starting September 22, 2008 according to Billboard magazine.


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Daniel Powter – Next Plane Home

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Many said that Daniel Powter was a one-hit wonder after giving us an outstanding chart-topper “Bad Day” which came to fame sometime in 2005. “Bad Day” gained much success as he could ever imagine gaining massive amount of radio airplays around the world.

But the tag “ONE-HIT WONDER” might not come-off from Daniel Powter’s shoulder as he gives us a three-minute disappointment. It’s about his flight to somewhere that I don’t even know. Daniel’s vocals are still amazing but the song lacked the quality of another hit wonder. His cheeky melody and uncrafted lyrics was a complete mess. It might gain some attention because we know he’s back but I don’t think it will gain the success that Bad Day has given him. I mean, he could’ve released something that will kinda show his vocal abilities and his qualities as a good musician. This song is quite a try-hard one. 

I’m really hoping that “UNDER THE RADAR” won’t be as much as disappointing “NEXT PLANE HOME” is. 

Well, it’s up for the listeners to decide whether it deserves the recognition it will have. Catch the song when it will be released this September.




Here’s the video:


The problem with “Girls”

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Have you heard the newest single by the Sugababes? Well, it premiered on a UK radio station last August and fortunately I saw it on the net and have given it a first listen. I actually thought it wasn’t as clever or good as the previous singles released by this 3-piece British girl band. I mean, they manage to get a #1 for “About You Now” but unfavourable success followed from “Change” and “Denial” which only charted in the top 20 or below.

read more of the review and download the song (promo only) after the jump.

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P!nk – So What

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Almost every artist that we haven’t heard for more than 2 years are having a comeback and yes, P!nk is one of them. After her 2006 album “Im Not Dead”, P!nk is back with another hit-song titled “SO WHAT”. The song had an impressive debut in Australia reaching number 1 in iTunes after just 8 minutes of release. 

The single is something under the POP / ROCK category. It has an infectious melody and sound busting vocals with a scorching hot lyrics. “So What, I’m A ROCKSTAR, I’ve got my ROCK MOVES”. In my honest opinion, it’s one of the best songs done by Pink and I know that it will have an international success prior to her upcoming performance at the 2008 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS on September 7.

Pink’s uniquely infectious vocal style is really eminent throughout the song. The song is completely packaged with angst, attitude and catchy music/lyrics. With her career status on the prowl, she definitely has a good comeback that’ll probably earn her more respect as a singer with an angst that you can’t just resist.

Here’s the video:

RELEASE: August 15, 2008 (US), September 15, 2008 (UK)

RATING: 3.5/5



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Duffy – Stepping Stone

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Welsh artist Duffy (“Aimee Ann Duffy”) is one of the most successful new artists in the world today. With her single “Mercy” which is so far the best selling single in the UK right now and her debut album “Rockferry” which is one of the most shipped album in the UK and so far the best album this year, Duffy is releasing her fourth official single off from her debut album titled “Stepping Stone”. The single is set to be released September 1, 2008 (UK). 

“Stepping Stone” is actually not the planned 4th single of Duffy instead of “Serious”. The single was replaced weeks after being released. The track features classical influences infused with the melody. There’s something about this song that’ll really make you want to listen the first time you hear it. It’s like one of those songs that after hearing you would bump your iPod in a repeat mode. 

Can Duffy extend her inevitable success with “Stepping Stone”? Well, in my honest opinion YES. It may sound a little bit dark like Warwick Avenue but it’s a sure fire soul track that’ll poke everyone’s heart after listening to it. Duffy once again delivered us with an another heart-felt performance with this one.

The video for the song is released last August 4. It features Duffy in a different phases of her waking up until eventually going to a pub in the outskirts of the town. See for yourself:


RELEASED: September 1, 2008 (UK), TBA (UNITED STATES)



UK CD single

  1. “Stepping Stone”
  2. “Frame Me”

UK 7″ vinyl single

  1. “Stepping Stone”
  2. “Big Flame”
will “STEPPING STONE” prove another smashing hit for Duffy? Let’s wait and see for the results when it hits the scene on September 1.