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Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

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Well, Katy Perry certainly enjoyed kissing the girls when her first single “I Kissed A Girl” topped almost all the charts around the world. Her exquisite music taste is even getting better as she releases her third official single titled “Hot ‘N Cold” still off from her debut album “One Of the Boys”. 

For those who are tired of hearing “IKAG”, “Hot ‘N Cold” promises to deliver us with another electro-pop song that’ll make sure it makes its way to radios and your iPods / music players. The song is written by Katy Perry, Dr.Luke and Max Martin. It’s lyrics are quite a bit cheeky for the second time around for Katy. “You PMS like a Bitch” is a little bit remarkable. Agree?

Even way before the song is released, it already managed to gain sales due to her album “One Of The Boys” on iTunes and other music stores. It is currently on its way to the US top 10 with a current #12 spot. Will “Hot N Cold” equal the success of I Kissed a Girl? or will it even have much larger success than IKAG? 

RELEASED: September 9 (US), September 10 (AUS), October 6, 2008 (UK)



1. Hot N Cold

video will be posted soon as it to be available.


Faith Hill might re-enter UK top 10

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American singer Faith Hill is very much happy about her 2001 single “There You’ll Be” as it might re-enter the top 10 of the UK Singles Charts this Sunday. The commotion is because of a 19 year-old contestant of the hit British television counterpart of American Idol, “The X-Factor”. She sang Faith Hill’s song which peaked at #3 way back in 2001. It immediately peaked at #4 on the iTunes download chart.

Amy Connolly who is a contestant on the X-Factor managed to get Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole on tears after which she dedicated the song to her father who raised her single-handedly. 

The performance attracked downloaders to buy Hill’s song. Of course, this sort of thing is far from unprecented – Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera, among others, enjoyed similar sales boosts during last year’s X Factor, while Mint Royale’s ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ reached number one in June after a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent danced onto it.

Here’s the performance video: