Christina is just keeps on gettin’ better

For those who watched the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards last September 7, 2008, you may notice that Christina’s new song is just addictive as it may seem to be. Well, she gave an astonishing performance on last Sunday’s VMA’s with her spankin’ brand new song titled “KEEPS GETTIN’ BETTER”. The song was actually her first single off from her much anticipated GREATEST HITS album to be released sometime in 2009. 

KEEPS GETTIN’ BETTER is a sign that Christina is back on track and will just keep getting better into giving her fans and us the music that we want to hear. The track is produced by Linda Perry and is a sassy-electro pop song with an infectious chorus is another sure-fire hit for Christina. The only problem is it may not be a #1 song kinda tune that we have heard from in the past. 

The song also has some serious catchy lyrics with her singing “Sometimes, I’m a super BITCH” which is really funny when you first hear it but trust me, this song is a proof that Christina’s comeback will be fabulous and much awaited with aplomb. 

If you haven’t heard it yet, the song was leaked last September 5 and was available for download on iTunes in Australia and Canada yesterday, September 9. The song will be released on US mainstream radio starting September 22, 2008 according to Billboard magazine.


RELEASE: September 22, 2008 (US RADIO), September 9, 2008 (AU & CAN iTunes)



3 Responses to “Christina is just keeps on gettin’ better”

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