The problem with “Girls”

Have you heard the newest single by the Sugababes? Well, it premiered on a UK radio station last August and fortunately I saw it on the net and have given it a first listen. I actually thought it wasn’t as clever or good as the previous singles released by this 3-piece British girl band. I mean, they manage to get a #1 for “About You Now” but unfavourable success followed from “Change” and “Denial” which only charted in the top 20 or below.

read more of the review and download the song (promo only) after the jump.

“Girls” isn’t much of a single comeback material. The song is quite not the same old Sugababes we regularly hear but its rather an ordinary track maybe meant to cover for a real single like Keane, Dido, Coldplay did. It’s definitely not comparable to their hits that rocked world music like “Push The Button”, “Overload”, “Freak Like Me”, “About You Now”.

The song features an interpolation ofErnie K-Doe’s track “Here Comes the Girls” which came to fame way back from the 60’s. Many critics said that it’s kind of a grower but not for me. This song maybe a grower in the future. Who knows? The single is not up until October 6 so this might be making airwaves soon enough before we know it.

Overall, this single is probably one of the biggest flops that the Sugababes will encounter. It’s soggy, uncalibrated and merely unpolished piece of music. I hope this prove me wrong for the Sugababes are one-heck of a girl band that stood still over the flourishing years of their music.

RELEASED: September 29, 2008 (DIGITAL), October 6, 2008 (CD Single)




UK CD Promo
(SUGASCD1; Released: 2008)

  1. “Girls” (Radio Edit) – 3:08

UK CD Promo
(Released: 2008)

  1. “Girls” (Steve Smart & Danny Dove Club Mix)
  2. “Girls” (Funkerman Mix)
  3. “Girls” (Fred Falke Radio Edit)
  4. “Girls” (Dennis Christopher Club Mix)
  5. “Girls” (Dennis Christopher Secret Club Mix)
  6. “Girls” (Dennis Christopher Secret Dub Mix)
  7. “Girls” (Album Edit) – 3:10

3 Responses to “The problem with “Girls””

  1. I’m always confused with the sugababes because they always change members, haha.

    Girls Aloud na lang!

    By the way, I’m changing my url! it’s now, please change your links =)

    Thanks for the info kim!

  2. okay Jess! I’ll change the links.

  3. Dead On Arrival Says:

    Maybe this single is just a cover-up for the ‘real’ single. We just need to wait, maybe the second single will blow us away. Maybe they just did this (releasing ‘Girls’) because there is a better second single. If this is the case, then the new album will not only rank higher, but also stay longer in the charts.

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