The Script – “The Script” Album Review

The Script is a three-piece band from Dublin, Ireland with musical influences arising from U2 to Timbaland. The band’s front-man Danny O’Donoghue has trained with U2’s vocal maestros and of course, he pulled off his lessons with aplomb. His fascinating yet admirable vocals are merely obvious in their sparkling brand-new debut album. 

The Script is not your ordinary rock band. Their music is rock but infused with a little bit R&B style added onto it. Why not? Danny, the front-man and Mark Sheenan are former R&B producers back in their hometown in Ireland. Even though the band is actually popular in the media in Ireland, there have been speculations that all of those are just some kind of a publicity stunt but of course, with their album released I’m pretty sure all of those speculations are just hoaxes. And of course, take note that the name of the band actually suggests a new face in the music industry with confidence, angst, and lovable characteristic in nature to its name. 

The album features 11 tracks (Ireland and UK edition). It includes the eponymous debut single “We Cry” that received favourable reviews from the critics and the outstanding “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” that made a chart-toppling debut at #3. I’m pretty sure by now that the group has increased their chances of getting to #1 with the release of their album.

The band which describes their music as a whole brand new “Celtic Soul” are quite crafty and innovative musicians as they portray in the album. The band gives us this polished, inevitably well-produced and well-crafted album that is a combination of Pop slash Rock slash R&B which is very appealing to the audience and listeners.  This isn’t one of the albums that will make you buy at first but afterwards you’re going to stack in your CD shelves after a good one or two plays in it. 

For evidence of such pluralism, “Rusty Halo” which is one of the downfalls of the album is just a remnant of “The Police”. Talk You Down has more than a hint of David Gray about it, and album closer I’m Yours is the kind of bedsit ballad destined for moist-eyed lighters-in-the-air status. Break Even is a future hit in the making and probably one of the best in the album.

In the contrary, The Script should really make an effort promoting their album so that they will become widely known not only in the UK but in Asia, and the US as well. If given time and fortune, this band can become a huge worldwide success levelling into the levels of U2, OneRepublic, and some other bands that are given a major breakthrough into the compelling and critical world of music. They might get a #1 debut in the UK Albums Charts as hit #1 in the UK Midweek Albums charts.

RATING: 4.75/5

RELEASED: August 11, 2008



  1. “We Cry”
  2. “Before The Worst”
  3. “Talk You Down”
  4. “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”
  5. “Break Even”
  6. “Rusty Halo”
  7. “The End Where I Begin”
  8. “Fall For Anything”
  9. “If You See Kay”
  10. “I’m Yours”
  11. BONUS TRACK- “Anybody There”


what do you think about the album? Does it deserve a #1 debut in the UK Albums Chart? Does “THE SCRIPT” deserve international success? Have your say.

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7 Responses to “The Script – “The Script” Album Review”

  1. Talk You Down is just epic. A brilliant song and a worthy contender for fourth single. I really like this band – a cross between Maroon 5 and One Republic. I’m hoping for a high debut on Sunday

  2. I agree. It should be #1 by Sunday! Tnx fr the comment.

  3. I like your review. I gave this album a B+, overall very good. Please check out my blog and let me know if you would like to link up.

  4. Before The Worst And Talk You Down Are My Personal Favourites. None of The Tracks Are Bad, And All The Lyrics Are Meaningful + Danny O’Donoghue Is Hott (:

  5. I love their songs, normally I don’t like rock, i prefer R’nB, but here I like it !! It’s a great band !

  6. Great album. Great music. In the song “Man who can’t be moved’ does anyone know who does the back up vocals? Whoever it is sounds a little bit like John Legend.

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