Katy Perry’s INFECTIOUS “Kiss”

We just love being kissed by Katy Perry eh? As of this day, American pop singer KATY PERRY is now no.1 in almost every corner in the world. With her massive, infectious debut “I KISSED A GIRL” going #1 in the UK, AUSTRALIA and THE US what more can Katy Want? Her song is doing great, her album is selling hotcakes, and her kissing has become a phenomena. Katy is sure on the right track. 

Katy Perry became #1 this week in the UK after just 2 weeks of charting and had the sales of 45,000+. Katy has already spent 7 weeks at #1 in the US and counting, a month in Australia and the rest of the world. Will Katy continue to give us the un-stereotypical POP music that we are craving? Well, certainly yes. Her album is just infectious, shimmering with colourful lyrics and astonishing craftmanship. I’m sure you may wanna see more of her for the coming years because of her music. I hope she will not be a one-hit wonder and will break through from the LESBO-POP labelling made onto her music just because of “IKAG”. It’s for you to decide, will you continue to support her music? Will you buy her next albums? Only the FUTURE can tell.

Meanwhile, Kid Rock drops at #2 in the UK while Dizzee, and the Script stumble to #3 and #4 respectively. 

Cracking the top 5 is the much awaited comeback single of the wigan-band The Verve.“LOVE IS NOISE” is at #5 and is their latest single after more than a decade now. Will they go straight to #1 next week?

Rihanna also debuts in the top 10 with her unofficial single “DISTURBIA”. Disturbia is Rihanna’s 8th UK Top 10 Hit.

Here are the top 10 in full:

1. (-) Katy Perry: ‘I Kissed A Girl’
2. (1) Kid Rock: ‘All Summer Long’
3. (2) Dizzee Rascal ft. Calvin Harris: ‘Dance Wiv Me’
4. (3) The Script: ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’
5. (-) The Verve: ‘Love Is Noise’
6. (5) Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown: ‘No Air’
7. (10) Noah & The Whale: ‘5 Years Time’
8. (6) Ne-Yo: ‘Closer’
9. (34) Rihanna: ‘Disturbia’
10. (7) Basshunter: ‘All I Ever Wanted’

complete the official UK Singles Charts HERE.

here’s the video of the #1 HIT “I KISSED A GIRL”:

CREDITS: video courtesy of YouTube.


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