Duffy – Stepping Stone

Welsh artist Duffy (“Aimee Ann Duffy”) is one of the most successful new artists in the world today. With her single “Mercy” which is so far the best selling single in the UK right now and her debut album “Rockferry” which is one of the most shipped album in the UK and so far the best album this year, Duffy is releasing her fourth official single off from her debut album titled “Stepping Stone”. The single is set to be released September 1, 2008 (UK). 

“Stepping Stone” is actually not the planned 4th single of Duffy instead of “Serious”. The single was replaced weeks after being released. The track features classical influences infused with the melody. There’s something about this song that’ll really make you want to listen the first time you hear it. It’s like one of those songs that after hearing you would bump your iPod in a repeat mode. 

Can Duffy extend her inevitable success with “Stepping Stone”? Well, in my honest opinion YES. It may sound a little bit dark like Warwick Avenue but it’s a sure fire soul track that’ll poke everyone’s heart after listening to it. Duffy once again delivered us with an another heart-felt performance with this one.

The video for the song is released last August 4. It features Duffy in a different phases of her waking up until eventually going to a pub in the outskirts of the town. See for yourself:


RELEASED: September 1, 2008 (UK), TBA (UNITED STATES)



UK CD single

  1. “Stepping Stone”
  2. “Frame Me”

UK 7″ vinyl single

  1. “Stepping Stone”
  2. “Big Flame”
will “STEPPING STONE” prove another smashing hit for Duffy? Let’s wait and see for the results when it hits the scene on September 1.

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