Girls Aloud: new ALBUM in NOVEMBER

I guess all of the pathetic rumours that the Girls are separating ways is just another piece of crap thrown in the trash bin. British POP sensational girl band GIRLS ALOUD are set to release their new album sometime in November according to reports from British entertainment correspondents.

Their fifth album will be released one month after they release their new single in October. Even though the girls are busy on their TangledUp tour this summer, the girls had the chance to get back onto the recording studios and record new material for their die-hard fans and massive amounts of supporters in the UK and the rest of the world.

The girls are said to be very excited about this whole new project of theirs and stated that this upcoming album is yet to be the BEST that the girls have done so far from their past 4 albums. Tangled Up which is the most successful album of theirs is what drove them to create more music for their supporters.

NOTE: I cannot wait for their new material! I’m so excited! :)) I’m sure this will be another sure fire hit!

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2 Responses to “Girls Aloud: new ALBUM in NOVEMBER”

  1. really???!!! OH MY GOSH! I want it now!! Right now!! Tnx for the info!

  2. all the best

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