Keane’s Insanely BAD-ASS new SONG.

Well, these guys have been in the biz for quite a massive 4 years now. I actually liked some of their songs but I was NEVER really a FAN. But after hearing this smashing new single, I was like “WOAH” and poof! I instantly became a FAN.

SPIRALLING, the first single off their newest album PERFECT SYMMETRY (on sales October 13th) is available for free download on their official website ( for the first week after its release. So if you’re into free stuff, go ahead and click HERE to download the new single. 

more on the review next.


RELEASED: August 4, 2008 (WORLDWIDE)


1. Spiralling [Radio Edit] (3:48)

CREDITS: wikipedia for the image.


2 Responses to “Keane’s Insanely BAD-ASS new SONG.”

  1. i love keane. thanks for the heads up! =)

  2. hey, tnx for the comment jizzka. Yeah. I’m recently in love with their music right now.

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