Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight


Jennifer Hudson maybe one of the rejects by Simon Cowell from American Idol, but she’s definitely one of the best voices among the contestants ever. After being rejected from AI, to landing a movie role in the eponymous DREAM GIRLS that caused her for winning a prestigious golden statue of the OSCARS and lots and lots more (BAFTA, SAG etc.). Jennifer is now living her ultimate dream, to be a full-pledged singer. Jennifer is the exact epitomy of how a person struggled to live his/her own dream.


And that is what Jennifer is proving to us by giving an outstanding, clever and astonishing single. SPOTLIGHT which hits stores on August 11 is a genius, solid and effulgent performance. Did I mention that Ne-Yo and Stargate co-produced this song? So, it may sound a little bit familiar eh?  Jennifer is truly a one-heck of a singer as she delivers the song with amazing, controlled vocals that just shows evidently as we listen to the anthem. Spotlight is a song about her breaking free from the shadows of her man and she’s stepping out of it. 


Spotlight maybe a sweet, sexy, smooth R&B anthem with a touch of class and angst but the contrary is that Jennifer might seem to be a little bit unoriginal when it comes to her vocals. I mean we HEARD lots and lots of voices comparable to that of Jennifer’s but it’s really up to her to step up of the limelight and give us more and more compelling hits that will win the hearts of many. 


RATING: 3.5/5
RELEASED: June 10, 2008 (USA), September 2008 TBA (UK)
  1. “Spotlight (Album Version)” – 4:11
  2. “Spotlight (Call Out Hook)”  – 0:11
  3. “Spotlight (Instrumental)” – 4:11
CREDITS: wikipedia for the image.

One Response to “Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight”

  1. she’s proof that simon cowell can be oh-so wrong, haha.

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