David Archuleta has a CRUSH!


I for once thought that David Archuleta will win American Idol season 7. I think this way because I know the massive fans supporting Archie. I somehow didn’t like some of Archie’s performances to be honest. But I think I’m going to be stand corrected because of his brand new song titled “CRUSH”.

David Archuleta can be a little bit immature for the music industry but he definitely has something to offer, unless this song is the only worth in his debut album. Considering the fact that Leona Lewis had a year-long process before coming up with such an amazing debut album, David Archuleta gives us this infectious anthem that proves to be a future-chart topper maybe possibly overshadowing the winner, David Cook if he doesn’t do anything as soon as possible. David Cook can do lots of catch-up for him to be able to undertake Archie with this staggering number.


Crush is debuting in the middle of August 2008. Although the track has been premiered on an American radio station, the track has also leaked in the internet. There’s no confirmed release dates yet, but as soon as it hits the stores, I’m predicting it will sell hotcakes especially to those girls who just loved Archie’s puppy dog eyes. Considering the fact that he’s only 17 years of age. He’s full of youth and talent ready to be developed into something more mature, more sincere and more endearing as he has done in his performances in the past season of AI.


But there’s a little bit minor criticism about the song. It might be a little bit boring when played repeatedly, so I suggest don’t place this song in a repeat mode in your iPod. Just take it moderately, cause it might prove to be addicting and infectious.


RELEASED: August 2008 (Radio), September 2008 (Digital Download)
1. Crush
CREDITS: blogger.com for the image


8 Responses to “David Archuleta has a CRUSH!”

  1. vickyvicks0 Says:


  2. Glad you liked it=) It’s nice to know that more and more ppl are appreciating David A’s kind of music.

  3. yey! tnx fr the comments guys!

  4. i love him !!Thanks a million!…

  5. mulder8scully5 Says:

    but it’s on repeat! haha! And it’s really cool! I love it!

    Thanks for a great review!!!

  6. ❤ it!!

    mr. hotmess

  7. Thanks for the great review.

    I am a huge Archie fan, since day one of American Idol. I love the kid and I’m not a teenager. I think David Archuleta is amazing!!! not only because of his talent but also because he is an awesome human being.

    I love CRUSH! I think this is a great start of David Archuleta’ successful music career. He is going to be huge worldwide.

  8. I’m thinking his new CD will definitely be worth getting

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