a new BOY BAND sensation?

after “THE SATURDAYS” pulled off a good start after debuting their first ever single at #8 in the UK singles charts, I think there’s a new BOY BAND in years that is finally worth listening to. The UK’s new export, “AVENUE” is a five piece boy band from England that made headlines when they got booted off from the popular talent show, “The X-Factor”. The boys where said to have previous recording deals and as the show’s rules imposed, they were disqualified. 

With their boyish charm and impenetrable attack to a new flavour of BOY-BAND pop. These guys can be at the top if given the chance. Their debut single titled “Last Goodbye” starts with a dance sample mix then incorporated with slow and electropop jams until the end which was at least convincing. The boy’s attitude towards performing is quite impressing and i’m pretty sure that LOTS of girls will fall in line just to get a glimpse of them while performing a showcase. 

The boys are now signed on ISLAND RECORDS UK recording label and they immediately started working to produce new music. Their single “Last Goodbye” will be released on September 8, 2008 in the UK. “Last Goodbye” provides us with a catchy, danceable anthem that’ll make an impression to the new age of Boy Band exports from the UK.

RELEASE: September 1, 2008 (Digital Download), September 8, 2008 (Physical Release)


1. Last Goodbye

CREDITS: Avenue’s official MYSPACE account for the image.


official website: www.weareavenue.com

MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/avenuegroup

BEBO: www.bebo.com/avenue


5 Responses to “a new BOY BAND sensation?”


  2. They’re amazing! I saw them perform on one of their showcases at North London. I like this song a lot.

  3. Guys Yous Are Bloody Epic!
    Hope To See A Lot More Of Yous 😛
    Well Keep Up The singing 😉

  4. I am a huge fan of the wanted and when i found out max was once in this band i had a look at last goodbye and its terrible and also the one in the front, andy? Curly one is in a new band called lawson which has really great music and supported the wanted when i saw them on tour

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