Rihanna – Rehab

Bajan pop-diva, Rihanna is back after just almost 2 months after the release of her previous single “Take A Bow” which landed #1 on every music charts in the world. Rihanna is just unstoppable with her 9th single on the same album “Good Girl Gone Bad” which went on sale last year. 

Rihanna is just a hit maker, from the squeaky “PON DE REPLAY” to last year’s infectious anthem “UMBRELLA” that literally stormed the world with the ela ela eh eh eh chant and to the dance anthem “DON’T STOP THE MUSIC” until to the full-of revenge “TAKE A BOW”. “DISTURBIA”, which is her USA release is doing well in the charts even before being released on August 5. 

“REHAB” her UK release which hits stores on August 11 is a track produced by Justin Timberlake brings us a dark side of Rihanna. Rehab promises a full-solid dark performance with promising and alluring beat. “I like to check on a REHAB  cause baby you’re my disease” is just one of the strong marks of the song that is about Rihanna being brought to a Rehab about her true and faithful love to her boyfriend that just didn’t return all of the love that she gave. The track is one of the best songs in the album and it just gives Rihanna the respect she deserves in terms of being a full pledged, dedicated artist of the present.

Will Rehab prove another success for Rihanna? Is she worth of another #1 UK hit? These are the questions that are buggling the mids of people. I can’t wait for this to be heard by the audience. This song is just dope. I wonder why they have to release this later than of any other songs on the GOOD GIRL GONE BAD album? Well, only the future can tell the answers of our questions so if you support Rihanna, you should buy her records and support her.

RELEASE: August 11, 2008

RATING: 4.5/5


1. Rehab



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