a new GIRL GROUP sensation?

British recording company Fascination Records, the one who handles the greatest girl group in the UK right now, “GIRLS ALOUD” is introducing a new girl-group called “THE SATURDAYS“. Quite a name for a girl group eh? The girls, consisting of Una, Mollie, Frankie, Rochelle and Vanessa is making a preparation to take over the UK music scene. Their first single “IF THIS IS LOVE” is quite impressive.

The girls were formed last year but didn’t get the chance to work immediately because of the contract signing taking a lil bit too long. The girls started to work on their music early this year. Their first single release “IF THIS IS LOVE” is a salvo to their unstoppable much awaited debut. All a while, the girls have been supporting their big-sisters group “GIRLS ALOUD” on their nationwide tour providing as a front act. 

WHY IN THE WORLD does the group named “THE SATURDAYS”? – well according to their digitalspy.co.uk interview, they actually had hundreds of suggested names before coming up to “THE SATURDAYS” which they stated as a good way for them to be recognise as a different artist with a new name rather than putting the words “GIRL”, “BABES” like GA and the SUGABABES as well as the SPICE GIRLS have done in the past. 

IF THIS IS LOVE  isn’t much of a song compatible for a debut single. The song with a midtempo electropop tune with a memorable chorus and a crafty sample that is kick-ass . It’s a solid, promising effort, but not really in the same league as the best debuts by British girl groups: ‘Sound of the Underground’, ‘Overload, ‘Wannabe’   The girls wanted to be different but the meaning of POP Music still remains. They wanted to be known individually because they’re different from others but they describe their music as PURE POP.

Some of the girls have already had musical influences before they joined the group. FRANKIE and ROCHELLE were former groups of the so-called “S CLUB 8 or the S CLUB JUNIORS” which were a follow-up group to the disbanded “S CLUB 7”. Mollie which was a part of a girl group that joined “THE X-FACTOR” as well as UNA which had songwriting gigs way back in her place. The girls may have come from different paths but they surely connect with each other to provide the audience with genuine, purely “POP MUSIC” pleasure.

Their single was released on the final week of July 2008 and is expected to receive good feedback and high positions in the UK charts. 


1. If This Is Love

2. What Am I Gonna Do Now

DOWNLOAD: http://www.zshare.net/audio/111239591db4f238/

CREDITS: amazon.co.uk for the image.

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4 Responses to “a new GIRL GROUP sensation?”

  1. Oh! I lve this group! I’m pretty sure they’ll be havin huge success if given the opportunity to promote their music. I saw them prfrom on one of the concerts of GA and I was pretty impressed by them!

  2. Elliott, Surrey Says:

    i like it!

  3. Lisa Holst Says:

    hey! I haven’t heard of them here in AU but I think they’re great. Just downloaded the song. They’re the next BIG thing!

    Lisa, AU

  4. […] New British Girl Group, THE SATURDAYS make a staggering debut at an impressive #8 for a debut single titled “If This Is Love”.  […]

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