Wanted! – Movie Review

I know this sounds weird but i’m quite taking a break from the music world and thought I’d rant about movies. I’ve recently watched this film and I was quite impressed and overwhelmed so i thought i’d give it a try.

“What the F*** have you done lately?” – Those were the last lines of the movie “WANTED” of course, starred by the infamous big-lipped bombshell Angelina Jolie and the very talented and charming James McAvoy.

I was actually excited to watch this movie the first time I saw the trailer. I was really left very curious what the movie was about. As soon as I knew that the movie was showing, I already made a plan on when to watch it, of course with my classmates.

The movie’s story revolves around the story of the weaver-clan assassins called “The Fraternity”. The story of course, circulated around the modern age of what the Fraternity is all about. Many of you may find the story quite unrealistic but the concept was actually brilliant. Brilliant because it gave the audience much thrill and excitement and not to mention, the exasperating, flattering and astonishing action scenes that made the movie a good movie to watch. I never expected that the movie would be so breath taking as much as possible. The movie was actually based on a comic book on the same title.

James McAvoy

The movie also features recently acclaimed Scottish star, James McAvoy who plays an account manager named Wesley Gibson who happens to have the hidden skills to become a bad-ass, smoke belching charisma of an action star slash hero. From an ordinary Account Manager, Wesley is behind an unknown danger. On a grocery store shootout he was then saved by the brutal bombshell, Fox (played by Angelina Jolie). After a while, he was introduced to the group of weavers turned modern day assassins called “The Fraternity” which was then headed or supervised by the cocky “Sloan” (played by Morgan Freeman).

Wes is informed that his father, who he never met, has just been killed by a Fraternity traitor, and is told that he is the only one who can kill the perpetrator. He is then trained to channel his superhuman reflexes and agility by Sloan, Fox and their multi-skilled crew, morphing him from a pathetic, good-for-nothing nine-to-five office clone into a bulging, prize-fighting sharp-shooter.

The basic plot of an ordinary man-turned-action hero may sound particularly scintillating, but even without a neat plot twist at the end, the movie proves to be scrupulously agreeable althroughout. The director Bekmambetov chucks enough brain-spattering shoot-outs, inevitably heart-pounding car chases and the dark humour mix that the weak and unconvincing back-story doesn’t dampen the movie’s enjoinment.

James McAvoy, whose Hollywood career will surely hit the high note after this release is actually believable as slacker Wes in the early parts of the film, but is equally impressive as Wes the superhero. The Scottish star, who appears to be slowly smooching his way around Hollywood’s sexiest leading bombshells (Knightley, Jolie), pulls off the switch from downbeat loser a super hot stud with conviction.

This movie will such be a big scorer and will easily find its way into the top of  the box-office charts. You’ll definitely need loads of popcorn when watching this movie because it’ll give you the heart-pounding scenes that you’ll enjoy and you’ll just keep on saying that you liked the movie over and over again.

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6 Responses to “Wanted! – Movie Review”

  1. love the review, thanks for the insight! =)

  2. buzzmuzic Says:

    no problem Big J. 🙂

  3. Nice one!! 😀

  4. Hi! Nice review! I’ve watched the movie and I definitely liked the action scenes and all that stuff. I totally give this movie a 5!

  5. scottthedot Says:

    i enjoined this movie immensely

  6. Hi! Nice movie!

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