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Sharleen Spiteri – Melody

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It’s human nature that we reject few things more vehemently than something we have fallen out of love with. Relationships, religions, political ideals: when the revolution comes, outright dismissal is often easier than facing the difficult questions that life has a sadistic tendency to pose.

Sharleen Spiteri hasn’t become a Buddhist or joined the BNP, but someone’s sure got her back up. Melody, her first solo outing after more than two decades in the business, is an album informed almost wholly by the dissolution of her 10-year relationship with magazine editor Ashley Heath in late 2004; that it’s taken her this long to air her feelings on the matter is partly a reflection of how deep her hurt ran and partly of her conflicting feelings about writing such personal songs, songs she didn’t feel able to release under the umbrella of her long-time sonic conduit Texas.

Spiteri may look demure peering out from beneath that trademark dark fringe, her face half covered by a hand, but lyrically she’s pulling no punches. For all its pretty retro stylings, Melody bristles with the subverted promise of a Glasgow kiss if Spiteri doesn’t get her way. In the same manner as Nancy Sinatra expressed her reclamation of self through those famous down-treading boots, Spiteri declares her independence through song after song of mature, slinky, feminine soul.

This is, of course, hardly what the charts are in want for more of, but Melody plays so much less like an exercise in marketing than it does the sound of a woman following her heart. White soul may have been the stock trade of Texas in their heyday – their urban flirtations rarely sounded comfortable – but on her own Spiteri has swapped her detached, tomboyish cool for a warm, viraginous strength.

Opening up her voice in a way we haven’t heard for years, Spiteri is at her most effective on first track It Was You, belting out the ultimate in kiss-offs – “something inside just died… it was you” – ouch! If only Duffy’s ubiquitous Mercy hadn’t got there first, this could be a killer single. The transparency of involving Duffy mentors Bernard Butler and David McAlmont is unfortunate, but Spiteri wears their mantle well.

While tasty first single All The Times I Cried provides a prime 1960s flashback, Melody goes one step further and leans so heavily on Serge Gainsbourg‘s Jane B he gets a co-write credit. This elegant weepie was the first song Spiteri wrote for the album and perfectly suits her dusky tones; that it could easily have slotted into Texas album The Hush is but a minor quibble.

As a lifelong fan of Tamla Motown – revisit the excellent Texas cover of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell‘s You’re All I Need To Get By for proof – Spiteri pays homage to its biggest-selling group The Supremes for the punchy Stop, I Don’t Love You Anymore, a finger-clicking, tambourine-tastic slice of deliciousness, and the seductive, brass-led Day Tripping.

The Shangri-Las also get a look in (Don’t Keep Me Waiting) and the Sinatra influence is most keenly felt on the playful I’m Going To Haunt You. Here, Spiteri just about manages to stick to the right side of pastiche, only slightly risking a Geri Halliwell-style embarrassment.

Had this album been made any sooner, it would surely have attracted more attention than it is likely to get. What it loses in the element of surprise, however, it gains in hard-won perspective and a lived-in authenticity that Duffy just can’t match. Still, with Rockferry shifting millions all over the world and showing no signs of slowing down, it’s hard to see Spiteri competing on that level.

But it’s unlikely she’ll care. After all, she’s played the Next Big Thing role before and, 23 years later, is still here making the music she loves. And in such a fickle, trend-driven business you can’t do much better than that.

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The problem with Estelle’s substitute

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No one can deny the undeniable success of Estelle’s “American Boy” which is a collaboration with Hip-Hop mogul, Kanye West. I bet that the song is played in every bar across Europe, USA and Asia but did Estelle do a nice-follow up single for “American Boy”? I bet she didn’t.

Last June 30, Estelle released her 3rd single titled “No Subsitute Love” which features samples from George Michael’s “Faith” and Lindon Roberts’ “Subsitute Lover”. The song is incorporated with her usual soulful voice and a little bit reggae vibe added onto it. Nevertheless, it’s quite a good song but not a single material compared to “American Boy”.

Estelle made a vulnerable entrance into the world music scene when her single “AB” went straight to number 1 in the UK singles charts last April but this song is quite a flop because it only managed to peak at #30. The song surely didn’t quite made into the high expectations made through the impression of her delivering good songs aside “AB”. Estelle’s vocals are a little bit off the mark as she delivers the song with a thin, more-falsetto voice that made the song a lot worse than we expected.

I hope that Estelle will try to incorporate more of her soul vibe and try to give what the music industry demands. Produce more songs that the people will love. That’s the key to stay in the unpredictable world of music. As far as I’m concerned, Estelle isn’t doing the right job. Maybe her next release will be impressive as much as “American Boy” did but it’s okay, there’s always next time. Ta-ra! :))

Adele – Hometown Glory

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You may don’t know her, but Adele is a talent that is verging on popularity. Her soulful voice made her won the Critic’s Choice for the 2008 Brit Awards. After dominating the radio airwaves, singles charts in the UK with her critically acclaimed “Chasing Pavements”, Adele is back with a re-release of the song “Hometown Glory” which is being released towards the end of July 2008.

The song which was originally released last year after her showcase in London is about her love for her hometown, London, England. The song which was mostly played with the Piano and incorporated with some violin is follow up to her single “Cold Shoulder” which eventually didn’t quite made an impression with the UK audience.

Her musical style is yet to be recognised. She maybe giving the public songs about her personal dilemma, or what her view about life is but nonetheless, Adele is still finding what genre she does belong. Her album “19” isn’t giving much aplomb about her identity as a singer because of the lack of fire that is very much expected whenever she sings in front of the stage or in front of the studio microphones. Adele is yet to give the whole world a nice view on what she can really do.

The song is quite amusing and can beat all other piano themed songs that had made a breakthrough into the soundtracks of your favourite drama series. Yes, it was featured before on Grey’s Anatomy etc. But I’m sure this one is one heck of a song. I mean, it is the type of song you would want to listen when you’re sober to kinda  mix with your current emotion.

RATING: 4.5/5

Here’s some of the new tracks that you might want to check out:

TAIO CRUZ – “She’s A Star”
LEONA LEWIS  – “Forgive Me”
CASSIE – “Official Girl”
KATY PERRY – “Hot N’ Cold” – follow up single to “I Kissed A Girl”
PENDULUM – “The Other Side”
SCOUTING FOR GIRLS – “It’s Not About You”
THE KOOKS – “Shine On”
MILEY CYRUS – “7 Things”
THE SCRIPT – “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”
MARIAH CAREY  featuring T.I – “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time”

SOTW: Gabriella Cilmi – Save The Lies

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After her phenomenal UK and Australia hit “Sweet About Me” which was featured at the advertisements of a deodorant that was shown across the world, Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi (pronounced as CHIL-MI) is releasing her second single titled “Save The Lies”. The song is announced as a single through her website and is available for download starting the second week of August 2008. The single will be available via digital download and CD single

Gabriella, a 16 year-old from Melbourne, Australia first came to fame as she hit the #1 spot in the Australian Singles Charts earlier this year becoming the youngest singer ever to hit the #1 spot. She then followed a UK release of her first single “SWEET ABOUT ME” and went straight into the top 40 of the UK Singles Charts. The song started on a slow movement around the charts but eventually made it into the top 10 early in June. The singer who is now based in the UK is going for a full-promotional for the single in the United Kingdom this September.

The track which is taken from her debut album “LESSONS TO BE LEARNED” is incorporated with electronic beats and sort of a retro vibe driven into the melody. She maybe murmuring some of the parts of the song but I think if given the chance it can beat “Sweet about Me” in the chart positions in the UK Singles Charts.

Critics have acclaimed Cilmi’s voice comparable to that of troubled-singer AMY WINEHOUSE but we beg to disagree, there may be a little bit of comparison but nonetheless, Gabriella Cilmi is original on her own and you can definitely distinguish her voice from other singers and of course, she’s one of a kind for her age. Gabriella has a pure talent that is forced to be reckoned with.

RATING: 3.5/5

RELEASE DATE: August 18, 2008



The format and track details are as follows:

CD – in shops august 18th

  1. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – radio edit
  2. Sweet About Me – Live Version
  3. Cry Me A River
  4. Fly Me To the Moon

DIGITAL – available august 18th


  1. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – radio edit
  2. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – Kinky Roland mix
  3. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – Mason vocal mix
  4. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – Mason Dub mix
  5. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – Out Of Office club mix
  6. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – Out Of Office dub mix


1. Save The Lies (Good To Me) – radio edit
2. Sweet About Me – Live Version
3. Cry Me A River
4. Fly Me To the Moon

The Jonas Brothers – Burnin’ Up (2008 Single)

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Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

“Burnin’ Up” is the first single of American pop rock band the Jonas Brothers to be released from their third studio album, A Little Bit Longer, and was officially released via Radio Disney on June 19, 2008, and other radio stations and iTunes on June 20, 2008.

The song also features a rap from their bodyguard, Robert “Big Rob” Feggans. The iTunes music store named this single as #1 on their “Best of the Store” Playlist on June 24, 2008


iTunes Rip (HQ):

so, what do u think of the song? comments are highly appreciated. 🙂

The Pussycat Dolls to open 2008 MTV Asia Awards

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The Pussycat Dolls will perform their latest hit single “When I Grow Up” for the first time in Asia at the Awards. Response to the first single, from their upcoming album Doll Domination, has been overwhelming in the U.S. since it was released. With the MTV Asia Awards 2008, Asian audiences will experience for themselves a spectacular concert performance in typical Pussycat Dolls fashion, complete with visually extraordinary elements like fireworks displays, flashy costumes and amazing dance moves by the girls.

The Pussycat Dolls first exploded on the pop music scene in 2005 with their worldwide #1 hit “Don’t Cha.” Their debut album, PCD, has sold over 7 million copies internationally on the strength of hit singles like “Buttons”, “Stickwitu” and “Wait A Minute”. Besides touring the globe and performing with The Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera, their infectious dance hits and enthralling performances have allowed them to bag a slew of prestigious awards.

“MTV is extremely excited to have The Pussycat Dolls with us once again for the second time at the MTV Asia Awards. With the girls in the house, be prepared for an electrifying experience at the hottest music event in the region. We at MTV are constantly bringing our audience the latest hits and sizzling sensations in the music industry. Expect nothing but the best from our headlining event of the year—the MTV Asia Awards 2008,” said Silvia Goh, Executive Producer of MTV Asia Awards / Vice President, Multiplatform Content, MTV Networks Asia.


Katy Perry – Ur So Gay (CDM)

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Katy Perry – Ur So Gay (CDM) [2008]-FM

Artist : Katy Perry
Album : Ur So Gay-(CDM)
Bitrate : VBR kbps

Label : Capital Records
Year : 2008
Genre : Pop
Rip date : Jul-07-2008
Store date : Jan-22-2008
Size : 40,8 MB

01 – Ur So Gay (Edit) 03:39
02 – Ur So Gay (Remix) 05:55
03 – Use Your Love 03:03
04 – Lost 04:21
05 – Ur So Gay (Instrumental) 03:40
06 – Ur So Gay (Instrumental Remix) 05:57
07 – Ur So Gay (Acappella) 03:13

29:48 min