Lindsay Lohan – Bossy (FULL HQ)

Download the FULL HIGH QUALITY new song from Lindsay Lohan. It’s an effing hot track composed by Ne-Yo for Lindsay. This Bad-Ass popstar is really making a good comeback with this song. DOWNLOAD IT!



5 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan – Bossy (FULL HQ)”

  1. John Stalberg Says:

    So were do I find the “FULL HIGH QUALITY” (as in 16 bit 44.1 kHz untouched PCM or better – perhaps distributed as lossles or just uncompressed PCM) version of this song? I can only find a non full quality mp3 version. Just to prevent any inflation on “full quality” here, no – mp3 is never FULL quality – regardless of bitrate or codec! I take that again, it’s anything but “FULL” compared to the original master file that’s gonna end up on a CD or just stored as the master some were.

    Don’t know what kind of low band width connections people still sitting with today that makes mp3 files still worth the hassle and with its lower quality? Even on torrent sites mp3 rules even if there are some lossless stuff there as well. Even the file format in itself is kind of outdated since there are better compression formats to use such as m4a (MPEG 4 AAC) for example.

    Anyway, a link or hint on were to find the “FULL QUALITY” version would be much appreciated.

  2. Greetings…

    God love google, very neat website. Thank you….

  3. Hey there, I’m using Xubuntu Linux 8.1 and the Dillo 1.4.3 web browser, and your page looks rather screwed up. Might want to look into it. Cya!

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