Janet Jackson – Discipline


As we all know, Janet Jackson is one iconic diva. She’s been famous with her family, the eponymous “JACKSON 5” and grew up in the world of evolving music. She’s been a music mainstream for the past 2 decades and has been very successful in her music endeavours.

After like years of inactivity after her last album, Janet is back with her sexy and definitive music style that won the hearts of her fans worldwide. Discipline which features tracks produced by Timbaland and the likes of is one-hella va comeback album.

Discipline which is Janet’s 10th album is a mix of sexy, rebellious and infectious anthems that will probably make noise once again in the pop music industry.

Standout tracks of her album would include, “FEEDBACK” which is conceived by many as a dance anthem, “LUV” and “RYHTM NATION” which is a mechanical mix of Rhythm and Blues. “ROCK WITH YOU” is a sensual dance-floor filling tune with an infectious beat added to it.

The album art pretty many states what the album is all about. The artwork is quite deviant from the other works she has done from the past year. Her provocative moves, sexy outfits and flirtatious dances really marks what JANET JACKSON is all about.

Maybe this year is the year of the comeback divas afterall. Madonna is due to release an album as well as the less-humble Mariah with E=mc2. Will Janet beat the other divas? Well, you can decide. But for sure, Janet is still actually on the verge of becoming one of the best divas in the POP MUSIC’s A-Listers.


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  1. Why did it happen to Michael Jackson again? King of Pop Disappoints Prince of Bahrain

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